Is it worth to charter yacht in Croatia Last Minute? – Chorwacja

OK, today, I would like to write you a little more about interesting Last Minute offers that are offered by Charter Operators. It seems really a good deal: you book your flight, arrange the crew, but what you really do is that you wait with booking a yacht charter in Croatia till about 2 weeks before departure. Why, because discounts for yachts change from 10% to 40% and this is really a great deal for most of sailors.

Why charter companies do that? Well, 3 weeks before the charter it is really hard to find a skipper with crew for that, so it is better to sell the charter for the smaller price rather then let it stay in marina for the whole week. Companies operating in Croatia still pay big fees for marina for the whole year, for the stuff, and other fix expenses, so it does not make any sense to let the sailing yacht stay in the harbour without rental. So they decrease the price about 2-3 weeks before the charter by 40%-50% hoping that somebody will agree on that.

We found many interesting advices how to charter yacht in Croatia here.

Kochamy wynajmować jachty w Chorwacji, dlatego chcemy Wam polecić najlepszą stronę jaką znamy dla czarter jachtów Chorwacja, to właśnie tam znajdziecie najlepsze oferty na jachty Bavaria, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis czy Lagoon.

In this article you can read what licenses you need to charter a yacht, what is really important when searching for a boat, which chosen criteria are important. When searching through the web, you will really find hundrets of companies offering those services, but not many really explain is it worth taking the yacht last minute or not. And the payment must be fast, what if the crew withdrews?

Yacht Charter in Croatia Last Minute

Here is an interesting yacht taken last minute in charter. Nice, comfortable and really really with great discount!