Yacht charter in Croatia is really cheap nowadays

With this article I would like to convince you that yacht charter in Croatia, in such cities like Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd can be really cheap. And even cheaper than spending the holiday with some All-inclusive packages. Why? Because such yacht is already your unit of transport, your accommodation and also fun throughout the whole day. And if you rent a yacht for 10 persons, so quite big crew, you will split all the costs of holiday on those 10 persons. And this is how it is possible to make the holiday cheaper than expected. So far you also had to use a charter agent, a trusted person who sends you the yachts or catamarans offer.

Cheap Yacht Charter in Croatia

Generally I have a problem with such charter agents. They may send you offers not those that are the most beneficial for you, but gives them the bigger money. And when he says that it is a cheap charter, it can be not true. The other problem with such agencies is that they send you usually a few sailing yachts, and not a full range of yachts that are available. And your criteria may change when you look at the price. This is why I looke for a better solution. After some searches made on Google, I found a great, a really great tool, which helped me a lot with finding the yacht of my dreams. This is a great website and there you can charter yacht in Croatia. In this machine you just put a date when you want to rent a boat, location like Split or Dubrovnik, or generally Croatia. Then you put a date when you want to borrow the yacht, like 4. June 2016 and hit search. Then you will see all catamarans for bareboat available in this period. Isn’t grea. You need a 4-cabin yacht, no problem, you just change the criteria and you get what you want. There are many nice search criteria, like number of heads, type of yachts, so it can be a sailing yacht, a catamaran or a motorboat.


There you can also specify the required inventory of the yacht, so you may choose, that a yacht must be equipped with a bow thruster, or a furling mainsail, or plotter GPS in cockpit. You can even specify the highest age of the yacht you accept.

Yacht rental

When you choose all those criteria, you just get a full range of results, which is really great because you see ALL offers sorted by price that hit your cirteria. You think it is too expensive? No problem, just set the year of cuild of the yacht to the lower one, or mark 3 cabins instead of 4 and you will see smaller and cheaper boats available for charter.

Bareboat charter

When you choose the yacht, the rest is really easy. If you have a sailing certificate, you can be a skipper, if not, you should take a skipper from the Charter Operator, or you should find someone in many sailing portals, where there are a lot of such offers. There are really many person who will be happy to sail your yacht. Take a family or a group friends and just enjoy the sailing in Croatia. It is really, really great experience. I do recommend it!

Split, Dubrovnik