Sailing Party!

When planned for the trip, we usually expect to complete our happy journey with full satisfaction and comfort.

The Croatia trip was really meeting our satisfaction with the entire trip.  When we were on the yacht, we arranged a party week sailing in Croatia with the full of fun and entertainments which gives an unforgettable experience to us. During the sailing party, we met old couples and became close to each other with all our family members. The old couples told us a lot of stories about their life and it was really interesting to listen. The sailing party was one of the best weeks of our life because we met some of the fantastic destinations in the Island and getting more friends in the yachts. Once you decide to spend your pleasant holidays better you hire a motorboat in the yacht charter Croatia and start planning your vacation.

Adventure at sea

Which will function as the most wonderful and memorable? It really is to be under sail, listening to the sounds of the sea and seagulls’ cries instead of the roar of the diesel engine. From time to time your yacht will go at a 45-degree angle and the waves will attack the illuminators-this is awful! If you are prone to seasickness, your sailing trip might be a real torture. At the helm of the yacht Bavaria 33 during the seiling in Croatia. This city, on an isle of the exact same name, has a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque Croatia’s largest medieval square,.
These tiny streets appear to lead practically to the sky. You climb higher and higher to reach a well-preserved medieval bastille, Spanjola Fortress.
Sailing the Adriatic Sea allows you to see several fascinating historical places. On the island of Pula, the city by precisely the same name is a competitor of Split. In our view it is an exaggeration. The city is incredibly beautiful in the sea but not too excellent inside. However, the steaks with gorgonzola may impress any foodie!